Thursday, November 1, 2007

Ebay Trigger Mod Follow-up

First off, I'm glad that so many people are finding the mod useful. And thanks to DH for posting the mod on Strobist.

I've been told that Digi-Key is out of both the antenna and the connector, and won't have them in until anywhere from late November to Christmas apparently. Don't worry, there's a backup :-) Linx Technologies is the actual maker of the antenna and connector both, and they supply Digi-Key with their product for re-sale. You can buy both products directly from Linx. I actually just bought two more connectors and two antennas, and am expecting them in the next few days. I actually bought slightly different antennas, as I'm about to try an antenna modification to the receivers. But that's a whole different story :-)

The other thing I'd like to hit on is to remind people that this mod was never about matching the output of the Pocket Wizards. The debate between the Cactus triggers and PW's is an ongoing one for many people. All I'm trying to do here is give people who don't have the option of buying PW's (for whatever reason) a better option than the stock ebay triggers. Trust me, if I had the money to throw down on a set of PW's, I'd have them already. They're more than worth it I'm sure, but until then, I want the most reliable, most professional looking equipment I can manage.

That and it's fun to mess around with electronics :-D

Oh, and as an aside, for anyone interested, I have absolutely no professional background in electronics. I was a photo major in school, with a minor in environmental science. I've never taken a course in electronics, and the only things I've got going for me are my intuitive nature and the fact that I had an electronics kit as a kid way back when. So if I can figure this out and make it work, I have faith that many of you can as well, and some of you can probably make it work better :-)

Thanks again for the good comments, and I appreciate the suggestions as well :-D